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The first Squiffers demo. Produced by Ed Hollis.

You have to take into consideration that we didn’t have a song to go in with, Joe and Jdub decided what to do on the way there! Plus we had no good guitaris; we got Bob doing a beat then laid down bass, then Jdub did vocals, Jimmy Bird (polio victim) played Casio keyboard, Deno did a bit of acoustic guitar but nothing of note(!) and Jack played squiff guitar!

Lots of vocal takes. We entered the studio with a crate of beer and supplies! It certainly was fun, not at all serious! Ed liked us and the way we did it. We were set to do more, he wanted an album, but then he died not long after. Sad one!

This was recorded in a studio in Bicknacre straight after Suzi Quatro’s band had left. The in-house engineer said we were the worst band in Essex – we thought that was cool.

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  1. Jdub April 25, 2020

    Marvellous use of several vocal takes. As Joe said, such a shame Ed passed before we could truly finish this “tune”. We were really up against it, people expected us to have some idea of what was going on, we didn’t ! A very fond memory of absurdity at it’s best.

  2. Status Crow April 30, 2020


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