keeping it weird since 1987


Squiffers began in 1987 as a bedroom band playing for fun.  The first “event” was on 30/31 January as the “Alphabetic Numbers” and 122 days later we became the Squiffers.  Our friend and music producer Ed Hollis (Eddie and the Hotrods) got us into a studio for demos.  We have played in odd locations around the country for a few years, on the free festival scene and at London squat gigs.


Squiffers at Friends Fest, animal sanctuary and charity, 2019

For many years we have been studio-based, playing each week, all totally unscripted stuff.  Keepin’ it weird and fresh.

We’re a collective of mostly non-musicians, who twiddle with knobs and sliders, and try and push the right buttons and keys at the right time, whatever that is. We begin in the chaos that we call primeval soup, chance happenings or coincidences occur, this is probably the basis of everything and the natural order of things.

So, it happens and evolves. We do what we can, but when it’s at its best, the universe, elemental energy or something like that brings it all together in an unexplainable and very satisfying flux, so here we are in this unlikely situation where I’m talking to you! Anything can happen, there are no rules ; )

Recording info:
16 track recording A/D @ 48Khz/32bit float
Allen Heath GS3 mixing desk
Korg/Roland/Yamaha hardware.

Ride the white horses to an uncharted reef at the back of your mind, where knowledge is limited but your imagination encircles the known universe.

You take care now, you hear?

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